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The Team

Meet our Team

Jillian Taylor, LSW


Jillian prioritizes building the therapeutic relationship to best support clients with achieving their most successful outcomes. Jillian has experience with helping adults, teens, couples and families with addressing challenges such as depression, anxiety, adjustment difficulties, behavioral needs, and family dynamics.  She utilizes evidenced- based practices such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Family Systems Theory, Mindfulness, Psychoeducation and Strengths-Based approach to address clients needs. 


Anthony Ligato, LAC


Anthony is a clinician who continues to strive to integrate the deep and collective wisdom of ancient spiritual traditions, philosophy, religion, and psychology into practical application and therapeutic practice.

Anthony specializes in experiential based modalities such as Mindfulness-based cognitive modalities, Internal Family systems theory, as well as Psychodrama. He is also a drug and alcohol addiction specialist. Anthony is able to bring an integrated understanding of the recovery process that is able to see so many people and their families back to health. 

Stacey Lear, LSW


 Stacey is a trauma-informed therapist who works with adolescents and adults experiencing anxiety, depression, life transitions/adjustment, grief/loss, anger, and other difficult emotions through use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and various mindfulness and relaxation modalities.

Stacey's goal is to create a safe space where you are able to receive support in a comfortable environment. 

Stacey's experience includes school-based settings, inpatient substance abuse treatment, and various leadership positions in outpatient mental health settings as well as substance abuse programs. 


Deana Ingemi, LAC


Deana is a Licensed Therapist with 20 years of experience working with children, adolescents and adults. Much of her work is focused on anxiety, depression, behavioral concerns, trauma, loss, and life transitions. Some of the treatment modalities she uses in therapy include Cognitive Behavioral (CBT), Compassion Focused, Person-Centered and Trauma Informed Therapy.

Deana is committed to providing a nurturing and nonjudgmental environment in which you can feel validated, gain insight, and be supported in taking steps to make positive change.

Emily Casey, LSW


Emily is an empowerment-focused clinician dedicated to creating a safe, positive, and caring environment for clients. She is committed to helping individuals, families and communities understand mental health, while utilizing systemic therapy and strength-based methods to best address the needs of clients.

Emily’s own experiences have helped her develop high levels of empathy and understand things at a deeper level. Her approach reflects the understanding that mental illness doesn’t just go away, but learning how to understand and cope with it is everything. 

julie headshot_edited.jpg

Julie Fitzick, LAMFT


Julie specializes in working with children, adults, and families to address various mental health
concerns, including anxiety, depression, ADHD, ASD, life transitions, and relationship
challenges. Julie is dedicated to providing evidence-based approaches to therapy that are
tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual. Julie is trained in cognitive-behavioral
therapy (CBT), trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy (TF-CBT), mindfulness, and a
whole-person approach to therapy. Through combining these approaches, Julie is able to
provide a holistic treatment that addresses the root cause of each individuals concerns. Julie
works with each individual at their own pace to ensure that they feel comfortable and safe
throughout the therapy process.

Joelle Vinces, LSW


Joelle is a licensed therapist who strives to empower individuals to explore their needs in order to create change and experience healing. Joelle's experience ranges from in-home work to school settings, and with children, teens, adults, and families. Joelle is trauma-informed and uses evidence based modalities to treat anxiety, depression, mood disorders, adjustment challenges, and women's mental health needs (postpartum/maternal), among many other things. Joelle places an emphasis on the relationship and partnership between clinician and client to work towards healing.


Brittany Rahn, LCSW, LCADC


Brittany is a dual-licensed therapist, specializing in trauma treatment. She has extensive experience working with individuals suffering from addictive behaviors in an inpatient and outpatient setting. She also has experience working with families affected by someone else’s substance use, including children. Brittany has worked in school-settings with children of all ages. 

Brittany is trained in trauma-informed and strength-based approaches to therapy using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Interviewing techniques. Her skillset is centered on a humanistic perspective in that she believes all clients have the ability to transform their lives and live to their highest potential with the right tools and guidance. 


Jada Smith

Reiki Practitioner

Jada Smith is licensed Yoga teacher (200hr RYT), Reiki Level 1 & 2 practitioner. Jada is currently a student at Rutgers University and is pursuing a Bachelor's degree. Jada specializes in healing emotional trauma through spiritual, yogic & meditative practices with services ranging from energy (Reiki) healing, private yoga and meditation, crystal healing, and more. Welcoming an integrative approach to healing to honor each individual's needs. It is up to you to define your path towards healing and Jada is here to support you. Jada serves the community through multiple Healing modalities and alternative holistic medicines while always holding a safe space for you.

Gianna Williams

Clinical Intern

Gianna Williams is a clinical intern obtaining her masters degree in clinical mental health counseling from Stockton University. She received a BA in psychology from Rutgers University and a minor in philosophy with a focus on eastern traditions. She is a 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with an additional certification in mindfulness meditation. Gianna maintains a holistic view of health and aims to integrate aspects of mindfulness into clinical practice to help individuals cultivate an optimal sense of wellness.

Kayla Cruzado

Clinical Intern

Kayla Cruzado is a clinical intern working towards achieving her Master’s of Counseling at Stockton University. Kayla holds a BS in Health Science and is passionate about taking a holistic approach to mental health with a focus on child and adolescent therapy as well as play therapy. Kayla values involving the family in the therapeutic process and providing clients with the tools they need to make lasting change. In her free time, she enjoys photography, spending time with family and friends, traveling and practicing mindfulness. 

Chrissy Rodriguez

Crystal Healer Practitioner

Meet Chrissy Rodriguez, certified crystal healer practitioner. Specializing in cultivating energetic balance at the physical, energetic, emotional, and spiritual level. Holistic healing sessions with Chrissy include crystal healing, guided meditation, aromatherapy, and intuitive oracle readings.

Chrissy is a graduate from Rowan University in communications journalism and has done many public speaking events to empower the community. Her goal is to empower her clients in finding inner peace and healing. 

caitlyn 2.jpeg

Caitlyn Fitzick

Director of Operations

Caitlyn Fitzick, Director of Operations is most likely the first person you will come in contact with when calling our office. Caitlyn studied Business Management where she took a special interest in private practice development. Through this type of work Caitlyn continues to find much fulfillment in linking potential clients to our services. Caitlyn is able to tailor her skills to meet the needs of various clients and interact directly with potential and existing clients. Caitlyn is an avid social media content developer and enjoys savoring a rich cup of coffee.

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